I have been working on several homicide and fraud cased endeavouring to reconstruct events surrounding mobile phone usage, cell tower events, server logging and email compromises.

Much of the work has been looking for anomalies to assist the legal teams and provide sufficient meaning to analysis and expert reports. Other matter have included family law cases that showed the nefarious minds and activities of some of the parties involved and their ingenuity used to implicate the innocent. Alibi searching has also occupied much of my time and being able to make some difference in case trials has been very rewarding. New software was trialed for analysis and evidence presentation and new clients have provided me with a wider range of examinations.

2020 Stalking, document authentication, CCTV examinations and appeal work

A broad range of work this last 6 months that lead to challenging analysis and recovery from mobile phones and laptops to assist both Prosecution and Defence teams and clients in their efforts to seek the truth. Advances in forensic tools and new evidence artefacts proved invaluable in sharpening our forensic skills and understanding of the evidence being sought and analysed. Presently working on a homicide appeal case and writing a documentary book on the matter which relates to a miscarriage of justice.

eLearning courses for first responders and the legal fraternity are presently underway. It is hoped that these short awareness and experiential courses will empower those who rely on collecting and analysing digital evidence which is becoming exponentially relied upon in a varied range of legal cases.

We have the capability of undertaking advanced forensic examination of multimedia evidence including video, photographic and documents to enhance and authenticate critical data required in civil and criminal cases.